Better training and better safety products (PPE) are two of the biggest reasons for the positive change. Organizations like Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) have shed light on worker safety and paved the way for positive safety improvements in the workplace.

Here are 10 Workplace Safety Recommendations that will help your workers be safer.

  1. Involve your employees in safety planning.  Empower your workers to “own” safety by involving them in safety planning. The more an employee understands and takes ownership of the safety plan, the more he/she will take action;
  2. Provide clear work instructions.  Make sure that all safety instructions are clear and understood. Review and confirm that your workers know what they are being asked to do;
  3. Focus your safety efforts on the most likely issues.  Yes, plan for major safety concerns, but eliminate the small safety violations that contribute the most frequent injuries;
  4. Create a safe work area.  Prevent injuries and ensure an efficient job and workplace by creating a safe work area – eliminate potential safety issues;
  5. Maintain a clean work area.  Remove the clutter and potential safety issues and you will help your workers to be more productive;
  6. Encourage your employees to have a voice in safety. When workers bring safety deficiencies and new ideas to management’s attention, they are contributing to the culture of safety in your workplace;
  7. Focus on how each employee performs his/her job.  Watch for employees who are taking shortcuts that could reduce safety, but also look for employees who perform tasks in an improved manner that could be adopted by the other staff;
  8. Maintain all machinery in good working order.  It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all machinery is in good working order and that a routine maintenance program is in place;
  9. Avoid and remove unnecessary hazards.  Do a routine inspection of your workplace frequently to identify any unnecessary hazards;
  10. Revisit your safety guidelines every year.  Start off each year with an inspection of your workplace and a thorough review of your safety program.


By: Arbill

http://www.hralliance.com.mx     @GerardoZaldua



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