Recruit and Retain: How to Keep Your Employees from Job-Hopping

Successful and functional businesses are built on successful and functional teams – but employers need to work hard to retain good staff. Often employees feel there is insufficient incentive to stay where they are, instead moving onto what they perceive as more promising opportunities.
Exclusive understands that bringing an exceptional employee on to your team is not the end of the process. Employees must be nurtured and motivated in order to see value in your company and, equally importantly, feel valued themselves. This way, you are able to retain the workers providing greatest benefit to your business and ensure that they are eager to continue to be a part of it.
There are a great many variables which contribute to a long-term, invested employee – each one directly influencing the satisfaction and staying power of your workforce.
Employee Appreciation
One key contributory factor here is the degree to which an employee feels valued
APTITUSwithin the context of the company. Undervaluing or underappreciating your team – or indeed merely failing to express their value – can result in a deficient work ethic and, ultimately, in employees with little investment in their current position.

The way to address this issue is by incentivising employees to stay – be this through verbal gratitude, expressing an interest in their home life or offering a tangible reward for their work. Ensure that they are made to feel that their efforts are appreciated, and especially that they are recognised as an individual. A valued
employee feels the motivation necessary to grow and develop within the company, whereas employees left feeling anonymous or disposable will look elsewhere for the recognition they desire.
Most HR professionals will appreciate the importance of flexibility for employees, and the direct effect this has on overall job satisfaction. Employees who feel unreasonably restricted or tethered in their role are far more likely to seek out other vacancies where they believe or even suspect there will be greater freedoms.
Offering your workers a degree of flexibility means that your team will feel respected and accommodated – whether that be through more flexible working hours or your company’s approach to leave or remote working. Demonstrating a flexible approach to employment terms helps to improve the work/life balance of your entire workforce and subsequently impact upon their sense of gratification.
Constant Communication

Communication is, of course, paramount in the workplace. Not only does effective communication facilitate a good working relationship, but this reciprocal openness allows any employee issues to be uprooted before they are given time to grow out of proportion.
Exclusive is dedicated to championing good HR practices and fully supports appraisals in aid of better employer-employee communication. Allowing issues to be identified and addressed before a worker’s satisfaction suffers is an efficient practice, and one guaranteed to influence the happiness of your employees.
Working Environment
ambienteMany employers make the critical mistake of assuming that salary is the ultimate incentive for employees. In fact, what is arguably the surest means of retaining a valuable employee is cultivating a positive, friendly and motivational working environment. A sense of enthusiasm and encouragement makes for an infinitely more productive workforce, offering them a feeling of connection to the business and the ambition to progress within that business.
It is utterly essential for your organisational culture to prioritise this kind of working environment. If your company is considered synonymous with these employee-first initiatives, this will inspire loyalty in your workforce and potentially even attract impressive new candidates on the strength of your working culture. Illustrating that you are an energised and growing company is certain to instil a sense of aspiration in
any employee.

If you are looking to outsource either HR or recruitment, Exclusive’s experienced team can assist you with any relevant needs you may have.

MBA. Gerardo Zaldua Macias



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